Bumper Repair Miami
Miami Bumper Repair

Miami Bumper Repairs – Replacement & Refinishing

Nordel Collision is your full service auto repair provider specializing in Miami bumper repairs. The front bumper in your car is the first point of impact in any front end collision. The front bumper and all of its components are designed to absorb the impact and transfer that energy away from the driver in order to minimize body injuries. Whether the collision is small or big, minor hit and run, fender bender, chances are your bumper will sustain some type of damage. The severity of the damages will often dictate if the bumper can be repaired or ultimately, it needs to be replaced. New vehicle technology such as park, brake and lane assist sensors are often damage during front end collision. Finding a professional auto repair provider with the experience and know-how to repair your bumper to OEM specifications is crucial. Our experts will provide a thorough assessment of the damages and determine the most efficient, cost effective solution for the Client. We welcome walk-ins and our estimates are always free.

 High Quality Refinishing Materials – Affordable Miami Bumper Repair Prices

We believe in cultivating long lasting relationships with our Clients. This is why we use high quality refinishing materials designed to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition and provide protection against the harsh South Florida weather. We work with our clients closely and will pass on savings whenever applicable. Our prices are always affordable and we usually save our clients hundreds of dollars over Dealer prices. We will match the manufacturer’s paint color and we stand behind our craftsmanship. If you have recently been involve in an accident and need bumper repairs, Nordel Collision will provide the service you deserved. We offer free estimates and welcome walk-ins. Call us today at 305.233.2532


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