Engine Tune Ups

Engine tune-ups if done as part of a preventive maintenance program, will not only extend the life of your car, but will also keep your car running smooth and efficiently. Most modern cars come with a maintenance schedules from their manufacturers. While following every item on these schedules isnt always required, it is important to have your vehicle serviced by a professional auto repair facility every 30,000 miles as recommended by OEM manufacturers. Nordel Collision has experienced technicians that are knowledgeable, provide unmatched service at affordable prices.


Preventive Maintenance: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"...this is true with cars as with anything else in life. Routine tune-ups help avoid catastrophic engine failure by recognizing potential problems early enough in the repair cycle and correct the problem(s) before it's too late. Following a routine tune-up schedule will help your automobile last longer, preserve higher fuel mileage, and boost efficien

Why Routine Service is Important: Your vehicle is the second largest investment you'll ever make. An automobile engine has thousands of small and large parts working together in synchrony. A significant number of these parts are know to fail over time. OEM manufacturers recommend replacing these parts at specific intervals (i.e. every 30,000 miles). While some parts may outlast the recommended replacement interval, it is prudent to have them inspected on a scheduled basis. Ignoring these recommendations will only lead to major component failure and costly repairs. 

Routine Car Tune Ups Extend The Life of Your Car

 If your car is experiencing complications such as:

  1. Poor gasoline mileage
  2. Slow performance
  3. poor acceleration
  4. Electrical problems
  5. AC system not cooling properly

A comprehensive tune up done by our certified technicians can help. It includes:

  1. Replacing engine and cabin filter(s)
  2. Replacing gas filters
  3. Replacing worn out or malfunctioning spark plugs
  4. Inspecting and refilling the AC system with freon if necessary to ensure proper operation
  5. Inspect fan blades and replace them if signs of failures are found
  6. Examining valve cover gaskets and adjusting valves if needed
  7. Inspecting and filling all fluids
  8. Replacing Crankcase Ventilation if plugged

Nordel Collision Offers Comprehensive Automotive Tune Ups

Preventive maintenance and routine tune ups can extend the life of your car and save you thousands of dollars. Our certified technicians have over 60 years of combined experienced in the auto repair industry. Call us today to schedule your next automotive tune up service and keep your car on the road and cash in your bank.